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In our work we know the importance of continuing to believe and invest in traditional solutions, but we are always focused on technological developments and new trends.To get more news about mtb bike rims, you can visit official website.
We are therefore happy to welcome the new Racing Zero 2WF to our top of the range aluminium wheel family, for road bikes with traditional rim brakes.
These new wheels replace all the previous aluminium Racing Zero wheels (Nite and Competizione). The new feature of the Racing Zero 2WF, as the name suggests, is the introduction of 2 Way Fit technology, so that they can also be used with tubeless tyres, which are increasingly popular and used lately. The graphics have been updated too, with reflective details for maximum safety when riding in poor visibility conditions. From the previous models the wheels maintain the characteristics that have made this range a particular favourite with cyclists looking for reliability, versatility and low rolling resistance. The aluminium rims have therefore an inner rim width of 17 mm (suitable for 25 mm tyres), a differentiated front and rear profile, 27 mm on the front and 30 mm on the rear, and ceramic USB bearings in a carbon hub on the front and an aluminium hub on the rear. In other words a wheel that excels uphill and on mixed terrain, thanks to the renowned reactivity of the Racing Zero family.
Bikes and wheels. The Tuscany Trail is an event designed for lovers of off-road adventures and the choice of mountain bike or gravel bike is up to you. Even though all rideable the route is demanding and calls for a reliable bike to ensure a fun and safe experience. We recommend fitting wheels that roll quickly on the fast sections but that are also stable in the technical off road sections. For gravel riders Fulcrum’s Rapid Red wheels have been designed specifically for mixed off road/tarmac use. Available in both 700C and 650B versions, these wheels provide stability and traction and thanks to their wide channel can fit large tyres. The 2-Way Fit Ready system lets you run both clinchers and tubeless setups, even though the latter is certainly the most suited for such a mixed terrain bikepacking adventure. For those who prefer mountain bikes, Fulcrum has designed a range of wheels for off road use in 29” and 27.5” options.
For us at Fulcrum, the Tuscany Trail is an indelible memory. It’s an experience that goes beyond the simple act of pedalling, it’s the synthesis of the perfect bicycle adventure to share with friends. We love the idea of supporting this community and seeing our wheels in action in the most demanding situations, because we believe that they’re the perfect travelling companions that you can count on. The reliability of our products is of paramount importance for us.

We are proud to have an Italian company of Fulcrum’s standing at our side. Their gravel and MTB wheels, with their established reputation for performance and reliability, will accompany our adventures over the upcoming months as we scout the perfect route. We are delighted that Fulcrum has decided to back a ‘no race’ event which is based on the concept of authentic adventure. A bike can give you so many more emotions if you forget about the bike computer and Fulcrum has fully embraced this idea with their latest Rapid Red.