Best gravel wheels

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Best gravel wheelsBest gravel wheelsBest gravel wheels

Fitting your gravel bike with the best gravel wheels can transform your ride. The difference in weight, stiffness, width and tyre compatibility can upgrade your gravel racing or adventure bike from something that is cumbersome and dull to a bike that is fun, fast, and most importantly, enjoyable. To get more news about mtb bike Wheels, you can visit official website.

In the past couple of years, the best gravel bikes have gone from modified cyclo-cross and touring bikes to purpose-built, ride-them-everywhere machines. With the new frame designs and their ever-expanding clearance for the best gravel tyres – plus the clever way brands are making room for this ballooned rubber – we've also seen an explosion in gear to kit out these adventure and all-road bikes.

In the early days, if cyclo-cross wheels didn't fit your needs, your options were skinny overbuilt MTB hoops or road wheels that might not be up to the task. Now we are flush for choice for specific gravel bike wheels in both 700c and 650b sizes.It's been a few years since Mavic dove into gravel and adventure riding, and the Allroad SL hoops have evolved to better suit what we're looking for out of an all-road wheelset. With a 22mm internal rim width, Mavic recommends 28mm to 62mm tyres, although we would sick under 50mm. The undrilled rim bed means no tape or rim strips are needed to take advantage of the UST system so setting the wheels up tubeless should be faff free.

The alloy rims can take a beating, and though they weigh at 1,612g, they are efficient and responsive. The Allroads spin on Mavic's Instant Drive 360 freewheel system which provides a 9-degree engagement pickup and features Centrelock brake mounts. The hubs will also take a standard or Road XD driver, opening up gearing potential.