How To Collect Customer Reviews With A Review Management System

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A review management system is a simple process to monitor, redirect, and respond to online reviews, as they have to be uploaded to various review websites and forums.


Review Management System

review management system is a simple process to monitor, redirect, and respond to online reviews, as they have to be uploaded to various review websites and forums.


Tips on how to manage online customer reviews-

●       Tracking of reviews.

●       Creating your business page.

●       Handling of reviews.

●       Responding to positive reviews.

●       Managing negative reviews.

●       Follow the website rules.

●       Never post fake reviews.

●       Generate more positive reviews.


Why a Review Management System should be considered-

●       If the brand has positive reviews only on one website and not on the others.

●       If the positive reviews are more viewed than the outdated, irrelevant, and fake reviews.

●       Resolve the issues that were mentioned in the negative reviews.



Generally, there are two methods to collect reviews-


Embed Reviews

Verified Reviews


Collecting Customer Reviews with Embed Reviews


Place 'leave a review' option on the website- You can generate and add an option of 'leave a review' on the embed review platform. It will help you in collecting customer feedback for your website. By placing this option, you can give the visitors a chance to leave a review of your website. For styling, choose from the designs available and design it according to your website layout.


Floating Popover- Instead of a fixed option for the customer's attention, you can also put a floating Popover that will display anywhere on the screen, either on the bottom or the top. Within a single click, it opens a pop-up form, which will allow the visitors to leave a review easily for your website.


Authenticate Reviewers- Authenticating reviews is the greatest factor of concern for website reviews. Some of the methods opted for collecting reviews lack authority because they are not well organized. By using the authenticate reviewers collector form, it will automatically allow the visitors to connect with their Facebook account and submit the review.


Embedding Feedback Form- A very easy and useful method to collect thoughts, impressions, and feedback from every type of customer is the feedback form. For getting more information about the customer's experience, a feedback form is the best way. There are various types of feedback forms available-


●       Employee feedback form

●       Website feedback form

●       Customer satisfaction survey

●       Product review template

●       Testimonial form template


Placing a feedback button-   Even the small businesses in the market need to manage their reputation, overrule positive reviews and protect their businesses from scammers. Simple and easy ways for busy businessmen to get feedback from their visitors are the feedback buttons. They are placed in such a way that they are visible to visitors but don't hinder their experience.


Displaying the previous reviews on the website- Is a great method for collecting online reviews. With the help of embedded reviews, you can create a review feed widget that can be added to the web page of your website, which will automatically display the collected reviews.


Collecting Customer Reviews with Verified Reviews


This method of collecting online customer reviews is for those who are local business owners and use the e-commerce platform for selling their products. This method will help them to collect reviews automatically from old as well as current customers. When a customer purchases anything from the website, automatically, they will receive an invitation to leave a product review through email format. By replying back to the same email, customers can submit their feedback and also the photo reviews.


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