So many places to learn about

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When I first began RS3 gold playing we all believed it was really cool. You know how overwhelming the sport can be for your first-time player. There is simply so much to do! So many places to learn about. It took a toll on everybody myself included and I personally think that's 1 thing that turned several of my friends off. I remember being a noob believing Draynor was Varrock. As a matter of fact, there was a man on Sal's Realm named Thai Tong I'm sure many of you understand him;-RRB- He had been among the very first people who first told me about how to get things done and taught me quite a long how. We have been friends for a lengthy time! Whenever I needed support that he had been there and when Dungeoneering first came out that he took the time to teach me about it cause it didn't click with me initially.

I'm an inactive player I played with from 2007-2011 and that I was just getting current on the game when I watched the Evolution of Combat upgrade. IMO it looks like it totally ruined the game and makes me wonder whether I should start playing . Every day for those 4 years, I played with at least 4 hours every day and it was the greatest thing in my life the friends, fun, rather than being bored. Seeing this upgrade has made me more depressed than I've ever been and I just feel very bad that they did it. So if I play it or just try and forget all of the great memories I have had? Should I return to RS 07?

Alot of this is subjective, NOONE who has ever played Runescape in some of its formats at any stage along the way can ever recreate that 1st thrill/flush of playing a new game or content they were looking forward to. Alot of folks thought the same, while there are still players on the servers that 1st dash of"OMG I miss this so much" wore out quickly to get alot, in several cases since the motor might be the old buy RuneScape gold one, however the community mentality of players has proceeded on irrevocably.