Zoonosis: Definition, Types, and Diseases List

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Zoonosis: Definition, Types, and Diseases List

Zoonosis you of part of the world so I really think you know looking at recurrent positive selection as a tool to explore found any virus that utilizes a stew in bats and so what we did is we did positive selection analysis on bat a stew and just like with transparent receptor we found sites under selection and they perfectly aligned with where the Czar's receptor binding domain was and actually sites we found under selection we're actually the interaction sites between these two proteins and so very so we propose that in fact fats were the reservoir and that those the viruses that are in bats utilize a stew for entry and then very satisfying for us you're after we published they found the very first ace to utilizing sars-like virus in a bat so and then we also work on on primates and looking at primate celeb positive selection so sarah has this 


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