I would like to try new procedures

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1 day I'll hope to RuneScape gold acquire many 99s, but for today. Two is sufficient. The woodcutting cape isn't as exciting as the vivid blue of this fishing cape, but I give the fletching cape a slight edge over the shadow of the cooking cape. I understand the capes should not matter, but after all, it's a indication of all of your hard work, right? And that hard work should appeal to its laborer.

This thread is as much of a poll as it a suggestions/advice column, and any positive input is welcome. This shall be my first article as I am brand new to these forums, but not to forums generally, and not MMOs generally. I have played many others, most extensively being a more compact MMORPG called Phantasy Star Universe, for those who have heard of it. I want to know you very well, and allow my sojourn on these forums be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

These are my runescape stats, and I'm calling for help because I am in need of something fresh to educate my various skills with. Be it mining or magic, I would like to try new procedures, and I wished to find out what other runescape gamers used, so does anyone out there have special approaches that they used to be prosperous? (In case this pic didn't appear, scroll down to the bottom to see my stats)

A couple of things to note: I am a freeplayer, and I shall be for quite some time (which makes things trickier) I'm ambitious; I'll keep myself motivated till I reach my aims (provided that they are logical and efficent) I'd be willing to provide any way a go, make there no harm in trying. Yet another thing, there's definite skills I'd like to train, or that I have an easier time training with. Those skills are (in order from;I really want to train it, to;I'll eventually get to it)I know theres a way to acquire building levels without leaving your home using a servent, I saw a screenie of this stock required which was like a stack of cash saw/hammer etc.. Could anyone walk me through the exact procedure of finding the servent to run to the bank for you without leaving your residence? Alright, I have gone through this process before. I recommend that the Butler, decent time and adequate price. Here are a few facts and tips you need to know before I go into detail... All servants will demand salaries after 8 actions, an action being going into the bank buy RS gold to retrieve items, or visiting the sawmill to cut logs.