Path of Exile: Das sind eure liebsten Pets, Portale, Rüstungen und Skins aus dem Shop

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What items can you buy on the path of exile? The popular Hack and POE Currency can provide you with purchase funds. You can buy special effects and skill effects and special weapons for your character, thus making you special in the game.

In addition, there are some mysterious boxes, that is a box containing random items, it can also help you hide some loot. But this box will not give you a clear advantage because you cannot use it to buy actual things. The Path of Exile has always been a hard game.

What are the most popular items purchased by players? Grinding Gear Games released the top ten most popular games in 14 categories. We did some screening for you. You can find the complete list in the official Poe forum. Inside we introduced the most popular pets in the store, portals, armor and weapon skins.

The list shows that Weta Pet is the most popular among players. Part of the reason is that it is very cheap, and you will get a free mystery box when you buy it in the store. Cats are also very popular. Who doesn’t want to be accompanied by floating swords like “Xianjian pet” and “Innocent sword pet”?

The popularity of portal effects that you can purchase depends on the age of those effects. The higher the ranking, the longer the portal effect will exist. However, if there are random portals and more available effects, it may change this state.

The same is true for armor ranked in the top 10. For example, the “Hell Armor” skin was launched in 2015 and is still at the top of the list. Celestial armor and Stig armor are significantly newer and struggling upward, showing that this situation can be changed. We can also find that more and more players like Buy Chaos Orb, because this can improve their efficiency in the game.

You can also miss weapons on the path of exile skin. Obviously, the bigger the more popular. This can at least explain why the huge Crypt Sword and Colossus Sword occupy the first place in the top 10.