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The mind is a powerful organ that influences health.

Some of us want natural anxiety relief not only because we want to avoid drugs, but also because we trust remedies from nature or prefer healing methods that are gentle, safe, Lisa LaFlamme CBD Gummies and non-invasive. And we want some way of feeling calm rather than hyper, stressed-out, wound-up and anxious.

Such relief can be considered under the headings "mind, body, and soul or spirit" for practical reasons as follows, although we humans are unified beings so that there is overlap between parts. What affects one affects the others. Methods that integrate aspects of different parts often prove the most effective. Slow breathing techniques (see below) is one example.

I. Natural Anxiety Relief through the Mind

The mind is a powerful organ that influences health. It is known that attitude affects immune cells, for example. And what we think affects how we feel.

One aspect of anxiety is mental and cognitive. We think morbid thoughts about what might happen if something bad happened. We remember bad things in the past and we relive the anxious or other emotions of that memory.

One proven method of regaining a sense of tranquility and stability begins with recognizing and analysing the morbid thoughts. Are they rational and reasonable? Is there a silver lining? Has a possible positive spin been overlooked? Is the "what if" scenario probable? How bad was it really or how bad could it be in the future?



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